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A warm welcome to Oak Tree Counselling.

We are a small, friendly, local practice based in Point Cook Town Centre, with a wealth of counselling experience and expertise. We provide affordable counselling services and relationship coaching to individuals and couples in the west Melbourne communities of Point Cook, Altona, Altona Meadows, Seabrook, Williams Landing, Laverton, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, and surrounding suburbs.

As general counsellors we are used to dealing with a wide range of topics, and all sorts of issues are welcome. However, our specialty is relationships including Couples Counselling

We have extensive experience in couples counselling, pre-marriage counselling, dating coaching, helping individuals who are contemplating separation or divorce, or those who are further along the process and are struggling with how they feel.  

Appointments are available weekdays and Saturdays in the heart of Point Cook Town Centre. If you don’t see the appointment time you want on our online booking service, please give us a call.

Our role is to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment for you to be heard and understood. Whether you just want to talk, feel better, reflect on what’s going on for you, or work on practical strategies sessions are tailored to your needs to help you get the most out of your time with us. 

Please call Clare on 0424 069 889 or the office on (03) 8060 8808 to make an appointment, or to have a quick chat about how we may be able to help. If we do not pick up immediately please give it a few rings until it goes to voicemail, and we will come back to you within a couple of hours.

Alternatively, to view our availability for the next month, and to book online, please use our 24/7 BOOK NOW facility on the top right hand side of this page.

Further details of the types of issues we can help with may be found under ‘Our Services‘. Current fees are listed under ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘.

Our office phone lines are open from 9.30am until 5pm Monday to Saturday. 

All our contact details can be found on our contact us page, or you can use the contact us form on each page of this website.

 If you would like to know more about Clare click here our team

Our clients

Most of our clients tend to be ‘worried well’ rather than those with severe mental health issues. If you are not sure whether you need to see a counsellor or a psychologist please click on our short article ‘Do I need a Counsellor or a Psychologist?

If you are looking for couples counselling it is essential that you choose someone who specialises in this field. It’s very complex  work that requires a different skill set with specialised training to those counsellors working with individuals. Please click here Couples Counselling for couples information. 

Our clients come from all walks of life, are all ages, and bring a really wide range of issues to us. Almost everyone experiences tough times when a little extra support, a sounding board,  or some practical strategies can go a long way to help.


Why come to counselling?

Clients come to see us for many reasons. Most are stuck or struggling. Many are stressed, anxious, or perhaps depressed, wanting to feel better, happier, or achieve clarity. Sometimes it helps to hear from an objective third party that what you are experiencing is completely normal considering what you’re going through. 

Many clients come to talk about a particularly challenging issue or time in their life, others are struggling to adjust to change. Some clients don’t have anyone to listen to them and understand what they’re going through.  Some clients are struggling to cope with someone else’s or their own behaviour. Others are grieving a loss. Clients also come for answers, guidance, hope, to feel less alone, to heal past hurts, to reconnect with their partner, or for personal development.


What am I committing to?

Some clients come for a single session, others come regularly for longer. The important thing is that you are in control of how often you attend, the number of sessions you have, and how much you share. Come as long as you find it useful.

Because couple issues have often taken years to  come to a head, it isn’t usually work that can be fixed in a couple of sessions. How long you stay depends on how quickly you make changes to the way you’ve been relating. Don’t worry about the how, we have the how, we just need two willing parties to try to do it differently. Change sometimes can happen really quickly, for others it’s a longer process. How long it might take can be discussed in the first session, as well as what you hope to get out of the process to make sure we’re all heading in the same direction.  For more information on Couples Counselling please click on this link.